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Application and Selection Process

Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Being One Center’s Spiritual Directory of Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  We have attempted to streamline the application process by providing an online form where you can submit the majority of the information we will need to evaluate your credentials. Please keep in mind that we are still seeking hard copies to keep on file of any background checks, certificates, and licenses you may have as a reference. These will need to be photocopied and delivered to the center either in person or mail.

If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the application you can download it here in either document or pdf form.



As we have previously stated we are seeking individuals and organizations that are of the highest quality in their field of expertise and that are  in good standing within the community. We understand there is a level of vulnerability that comes with opening up to another person for such a personal and intimate connection such as in an energetic healing session or seeking spiritual guidance and that is why we place a high emphasis on referrals to determine who will be listed in our directory.  We have laid out a carefully chosen list of criteria to help ensure that those individuals/organizations that we list are able to deliver a good experience.  We realize that a work of this magnitude, something that will serve as a reference for seekers new and old is a great responsibility. And we are counting on you the members of our community to ensure that every seeker receives the best quality service you are capable of delivering. We will do our absolute best to ensure that every person that meets our criteria will be listed. It is vitally important for you as someone that wishes to be a part of this work that you provide us with all of the relevant documentation and references we are seeking so we can ensure the quality of service clients are seeking and your place in the directory.

After you Complete the application we will contact you to discuss further details of placement in the directory and answer any questions that you may have.  Please be as thorough as possible when filling out the fields below this will serve as a starting point for your information that will be listed in the directory.


Being One Center’s Spiritual Directory Digital Application

Name: (required)


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Phone Number: (Required)


Address 1:

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State: Zip Code:

Description of Services: Please be as precise and thorough as possible. What you put will go in the book so make sure spelling and grammar are correct. If you provide more than one service, we will add it under your description with icons but you can only choose one category in the book in which you will be located (Example; Healing, Educational, Worship/Prayer, Intuitive Arts, Gatherings and Support groups).

If you would like us to know any additional information please list it here:

Average cost for top 3 most popular services:




I/ We Meet the following Criteria for Directory Selection

To ensure the safety and experience for all seekers we have outlined a brief list of criteria to help with the selection process. If an individual or business does not meet all of the criteria they may still be considered however placement in the directory is not guaranteed. Please check all that apply and include any relevant information:

Practitioner can provide 3 reference letters. (Letters must be submitted in hardcopy)

1. Name: Phone Number: Email:

2. Name: Phone Number: Email:

3. Name: Phone Number: Email:

I/We have a Criminal History Background Check/FBI Clearance. Please provide a copy if selected. (All practitioners meeting this criteria will receive a special icon reflecting this status)

My/Our practice does not require the patron to join a religion/cult to receive services, and I/we respect the personal boundaries of the individual(s) in my care.

I/we have been in business for at least 1 year.

I/we maintain hygienic and health code standards according to the requirements of the of Pennsylvania.

I/we are licensed and insured according to state and local laws for any hands-on or work or medical treatment and can provide a hardcopy proof.

I/we are reachable via Phone, and E-mail.

I/we are a business local to Bucks and Montgomery County.

I/we have established pricing and do not charge clients on an individual basis.

I/we can verify any advertised training/certifications. Please provide a copy if selected.

I/we are open and willing to receiving new clients.

I /we are able to provide a clear head-shot photo or store-front photo to be published upon request.

By clicking the "Apply" button I hereby agree all information provided is true and accurate. I give my full and expressed consent to be a part of the “Being One Center's Spiritual Directory of Bucks and Montgomery County.” I give permission to publish my information in print and digitally within the scope of this project.


For Inquiries please contact Ileana 267-981-1203 or Email