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Criteria for Directory Selection

To ensure the safety and experience for all seekers we have outlined a brief list of criteria to help with the selection process. If an individual or business does not meet all of the criteria they may still be considered however placement in the directory is not guaranteed.

1. Practitioner has been experienced successfully by a trusted member of the selection committee.

2. Practitioner can provide 3 verifiable references.

3. Practitioner can provide a concise yet detailed and coherent description of their services to be published.

4. Practitioner has Criminal History Background Check/FBI Clearance.
(All practitioners meeting this criteria will receive a special icon reflecting this status)

5. The Practitioner’s practice does not require the patron to join a religion/cult to receive services, and the practitioner respects the personal boundaries of the individuals they working with.

6. The Practitioner has been in business for at least 1 year.

7. Practitioner’s with a brick-and-mortar business maintains hygienic and health code standards.

8. All Hands-on Practitioners are insured according to state and local laws.

9. Practitioner is reachable via phone or e-mail.

10. Practitioner / Business is local to Bucks and Montgomery County.

11. Practitioner has established pricing (not pricing per client).

12. Practitioner can verify any advertised training/certifications.

13. Practitioner has a good reputation within the community.

14. Practitioner is open to receiving new clients.

If You Have any Questions Please Direct your Inquiries
To Ileana at 267-980-3966