psychicFirst Friday Psychic Gallery

On the First Friday of every month The Being One Centers opens it’s doors for the First Friday Psychic Gallery. This unique event brings together local psychics, mediums, channlers, intuitives, card readers and more in a spiritually safe and inviting atmosphere to offer free 15 minute mini-readings.  In these sessions you will be able to ask questions about your path or allows the practitioner to give you guidance based on the information they receive.

Following the mini-reading sessions we start our 2-Hour Signature Platform event.  Tickets for this part of the evening are $20 and are available at the door.  Participants are seated in a circle and our in house channeler Leslie offers individual readings based on the information she receives from your very own Spirit Guides.  Often times there is a common theme that runs throughout each reading allowing all those that are gathered to learn and grow from the experience of others.

Each aspect of the evening is offered out of loving service by all of the practitioners to help raise funds to sustain the work of The Being One Center.  Donations are greatly appreciated on this evening and all evenings to help us to continue our mission of providing a safe and open spiritual sanctuary for seekers from all faiths and traditions to gather as one. If you are a practitioner of the Intuitive Arts and would like to volunteer your services please feel free to contact us by either calling 215-550-3418  or visiting our Contact Us Page.

What People Are Saying:

“Awesome group of healers! Spirit was present throughout the evening and a lot of healing was manifested in the gallery tonight! Love, peace and balance:-)”
-Anna B.

“Thank you everyone for allowing me to be of service and allowing me to discover my gifts in a supportive safe environment. I look forward to participating next month. Love and peace to all!”
-Lori F.

-Gina M.

“It was an amazing night! I feel blessed and healed inside out Thanks All of YOU !”
-Patricia G.

“Excellent as always. Loving energy.”
-Sam S.

“Great experience.”
– Lara