thursdayFirst Thursday Healing Gallery

healing2On the First Thursday of every month The Being One Centers opens it’s doors for the First Thursday Healing Gallery.  The mood of this evening is set with ambient music, dimmed lights and candle light.  Upon arrival guests are invited to sign up for 2 healing sessions (some times 1 if there is a large crowd) to ensure everyone has an opportunity to experience Energetic Healing. After you have completed your initial sessions you are invited to sign up for more if time and space allows.

We begin the evening with a prayer circle asking that all those that are present be healed with love and then we offer prayers for the community at large and individuals that could not be present. Following the prayer circle the healers begin to offer services at their individual stations.

Each healing practitioner lovingly offers a brief healing session usually lasting 15 minutes showcasing their unique abilities.  Some of the modalities healers offer include, Reiki, I.E.T., Divine Alchemy Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound and Vibrational Healing, Reflexology, Craniosacral Thereapy, and Many more.  

If you are new to Complementary and Alternative Healing Modalities this is the perfect evening to come and experience an assortment of practitioners and modalities for yourself.  This night is also the perfect opportunity for any one that was recently certified (or long standing practitioners) to gain experience or network with new clients.

All healing sessions are offered out of loving service by all of the practitioners to help raise funds to sustain the work of The Being One Center.  healing1Donations are greatly appreciated on this evening and all evenings to help us to continue our mission of providing a safe and open spiritual sanctuary for seekers from all faiths and traditions to gather as one. If you are a practitioner of the Healing Arts and would like to volunteer your services please feel free to contact us by either calling 215-550-3418  or visiting our Contact Us Page.

“Awesome group of healers! Spirit was present throughout the evening and a lot of healing was manifested in the gallery tonight! Love, peace and balance:-)”
-Anna B.

“Thank you everyone for allowing me to be of service and allowing me to discover my gifts in a supportive safe environment. I look forward to participating next month. Love and peace to all!”
-Lori F.

-Gina M.

“It was an amazing night! I feel blessed and healed inside out Thanks All of YOU !”
-Patricia G.

“Excellent as always. Loving energy.”
-Sam S.

“Great experience.”
– Lara