titleHealth and Wellness


Being One Center is a place for Physical Health, Emotional Well-being and Spiritual Renewal for those in need. We offer several programs to help individuals, families and communities heal by enhancing the overall health and wellness through a variety of programs.  Our services range from Nutrition Counseling and Support to individualized physical wellness classes.  Below you you will find a brief description of these services.

 Wholesome Holistic Nutrition Support and Services:


Nutrition at its basic definition is the process of of nourishing or being nourished, especially the process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and repairing tissues.  Understanding basic nutrition is the building block for other programs.
Holistic nutrition takes a different path. It looks at who we are as eaters and our relationship with the food we eat. Holistic nutrition also takes in to account the goals we have in life and the energy we need to receive from the food we eat to meet those goals.  Not only that, it is a  fun and educational experience.
Being One Center offers classes  (including fun cooking nights) teaching us how to develop a healthy approach with the food we prepare and eat.



food3Diet Support

Diet support groups works on many different levels. Not only does it give you a place to speak of your feelings and current state of health but it also allows you to learn from others. When trying to lose weight there can be a lot of external pressures. Sometimes friends and family trying to help can be the biggest problem. This is why group support can give you a more focused support network of encouragement. This is important because it allows you to openly talk about yourself with people who “get it”.

Being One Center offers groups and programs to support dieters achieve their goals.


Fit and Focused Support and Services:


Meditation is a way to evoke the relaxation response and at the same time a way to train and strengthen awareness; a method for centering and focusing the self; a way to halt constant verbal thinking and relax the bodymind; a technique for calming the central nervous system; a way to relieve stress, bolster self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and alleviate depression. Meditation itself is, and always has been, a spiritual practice.





The ancient science of yoga is an ascent into a state of absolute purity and perfection that is an essential and natural to all human beings. This process requires the removal of our self-created limiting thought patterns and stilling our lower feelings and emotions.  This leads to the establishment of inner balance and harmony. All the methods of yoga are based on the perfection of our personalities.
The very word “yoga” makes reference to this. The root, “yuj” (meaning “unity” or “yoke”), indicates that the purpose of yoga is to unite ourselves with our highest nature. This re-integration is accomplished not just through the well known aspect of yogic exercises known as Asanas (or postures) that have become so popular recently but though many other aspects including and not limited to Pranayama (breath control), Bhakti, and Mantra.


taichiTai Chi

Tai Chi, as it is practiced in the west today, can perhaps best be thought of as a moving meditation. There are a number of different forms (sometimes also called ‘sets’) which consist of various sequences of movements.  Many of these forms were originally derived from the martial arts (and perhaps even more ancestrally than that, from the natural movements of animals and birds).  Tai Chi is performed slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions between postures.  Just like Yoga, Tai Chi can be adapted to fit any physical limitations one may be experiencing helping them to move down the path of healing. This makes it an ideal practice for people of all skills levels.