The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing is a volunteer run non-profit spiritual community working to unite people from all spiritual paths for the glory of oneness.  Bringing together the vast array of teachings from the world’s greatest spiritual traditions we inspire hope and healing while transforming ourselves mind, body, and soul for the highest good.

As an open and supportive community we facilitate a sacred space for each and every seeker of truth to find the tools they need to heal and grow as spiritual beings of love and light. Our in-house facilitators provide holistic health coaching, complementary and alternative healing modalities, and spiritual development all under one roof.  Together we learn to identify and overcome the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from living a life of peace and contentment.

Our History

Heartfelt Humble Beginnings

Founder and Visionary Ileana Ramos started the Being One Center out of a desire to learn everything she could about spiritual life.  The greatest cataylist was her introduction to the social networking site where she found countless groups offering spiritual classes, events and workshops. Attending several events Ileana became frustrated at the he high cost others were putting on spirituality. This was in direct conflict with her belief that spirituality should be open and accessible to all seekers of truth. Inspired and knowing there had to be a better way Ileana had an idea that would change the course and direction of her life in yet unknown ways.  She realized if she took the money she was spending to attend these classes and paid the speaker directly or asked them to volunteer their time she could offer vital spiritual wisdom to the community free of charge.

In 2013, she began her first meetup in Bucks County, PA known as Holistic Life Community under an organization she founded with her sister Leslie called Woman’s Healing Star.  Woman’s Healing star was a a social services organization they formerly founded and operated in Lancaster County to uplift women in need by providing them with job training and education based on the belief that women are the backbone of strong families and strong families are the foundation of vibrant communities.

They rented out space in church basements and back rooms of holistic and spiritually oriented stores like Rina’s Rocks in Hatboro to provide a Free Weekly Class every Thursday Night for anyone that was interested in learning about spirituality.  In time  as the community continued to grow a small yet enthusiastic group of supporters began to help Ileana organize larger events including Psychic and Healing fairs.

A New Name with a Bigger Vision

In 2014 a local business owner, Igor was spiritually guided to find and attend one of the Thursday Evening Classes in Hatboro with the instructions to assist the group in it’s growth and expansion.  After checking out the group for a couple of weeks he followed through with his instructions offering his newly renovated building in the Fox Chase area of Philadelphia for evening and weekend classes.  It was around this time Ileana realized a name change would be appropriate to better suite the growing community and a bigger vision. Along with the rest of the organizers she decided to change the name to “The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing.”

On November 1, 2014 The Being One Center officially opened it’s doors with an Open House Fair to celebrate a future bright with possibilities. The Center started a weekly Sunday Metaphysical Services, Classes on Spiritism, and continued to host speakers at both the Fox Chase Location and in Hatboro.

The Spiritual Synchronicity of Things

Throughout this whole process of expansion Ileana continued to receive channeled spiritual guidance through her life long teacher Diana Luz informing her of the importance of staying in the Bucks County area.  She would often protest the Guides’ advice telling them how expensive the area was and how difficult it would be to find a suitable location that did not need to be renovated. They told her to have faith and to be patient everything will be taken care of in due time.

Meanwhile Sam Shelly a gentleman with no connection or knowledge of the Being One Center received guidance from his inner spiritual practice to create a sanctuary where he could meet with clients in a peaceful setting coaching them on how to overcome the trials and tribulations of life while offering healing meditations.  He found our current location of 1330 Eddowes Road in Warminster, PA and began the long process of renovating and furnishing the space. What was once a drab office space in disrepair was soon transformed in to a beautiful space for healing and personal growth.

A New Year with a New Start

Back in Fox Chase Ileana and the rest of the organizers began to discuss the possibility of becoming a non-profit organization as well as considering the possibility of finding a new location The Being One Center could call their own.

As these thoughts and ideas began to manifest one of Sam’s friend Tiffany Lace began contacting and reaching out to the various spiritual groups in the area letting them know Sam was looking for an individual or group to partner with in hopes of maintaining and sharing the operating costs of the space he worked so hard to renovate. Fortunately no one was willing or interested in moving to a new location. With impeccable timing Tiffany reached out to The Being One Center to see if we would be interested in working with Sam.

A few of our main organizers went to look at Sam’s space and immediately fell in love with the location and decor.  A discussion began about a possible partnership but the organizers soon realized what was being offered was not what they were looking for. After a moment of thought Ileana boldly suggested The Being One Center could take over the lease and operate the facility as their own.

Establishing a verbal agreement that evening Sam lovingly handed Ileana a set of keys and decided to operate his sanctuary under The Being One Center name until he left to pursue his dream of starting a traveling ministry.

Just as the Masters had promised Ileana through channeled messages, they provided The Being One Center with a place to call their own.

In the summer of 2015 The Being One Center incorporated as a non-profit organization and began the  the process of filing for our Federal 501(c)3 Tax exempt Status.

Uniting the Past and Future

As an organization and community we look forward to all of the joy and mystery the future holds for the Being One Center. We are incredibly grateful for each and every individual that has supported us on this journey. We know that we could not do our work with out your support!