organizprofileOrganizational Profile

In 2015 The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization under Pennsylvania law.  We are currently in the process of filing all of the necessary paperwork to obtain our 501c3 tax exempt status from the United States Federal Government. All money that is received through donations to the organization stays within the Being One Center Community to support our monthly overhead as well as to fund our expansion.  At the present time we are completely staffed by volunteers, every individual that serves at the center in an organizational or hosting capacity is unpaid giving of themselves from the kindness of their heart.  We are deeply appreciative to each and everyone of you for your service.

Board of Directors

All decisions related to the management, operations, and direction of the Being One Center are carefully considered, meditated upon, and approved by the board of directors. Each officer was nominated and then elected to their post from a small group of volunteers that have been supporting Ileana’s Vision of a Spiritual Community since the the inception of this project.  If you wish to contact the board to offer suggestions as to how we can improve our programs and services please visit the contact us page.

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