An Introduction to Metaphysics

Course 1

The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing is proud to present to you our newest course offering: An Introduction to Metaphysics. This course will be taught by the renowned Ms. Diana Luz; a gifted channeler and metaphysical teacher with over 30 years of experience.  Recently Ms. Luz was given permission from her Spiritual Guides to reestablish herself within the spiritual community after a brief retirement to continue bringing these powerful teachings to a new generation of seekers.

In this 7 week course An Introduction To Metaphysics we will examine the philosophical, spiritual, and practical aspects of metaphysics for our everyday lives. The Metaphysical philosophy offers powerful spiritual tools that help to guide you to a place of deep inner discovery giving your life a sense of purpose.  It teaches us that there is a preordained mission for each and every one of us.  These teachings give a great insight and understanding to the human condition thus helping us to remove the blind fold of Maya; unveiling the light of wisdom.

We are all seeking a way to overcome the obstacles that are all too common in this busy modern life of ours. Utilizing the teachings of The Ascended Masters metaphysics unlocks the great wisdom inherent within our souls. Some people would describe this philosophy as “The Art of Being Happy.”  With the perspective of Metaphysics we are better able to acknowledge the actions and consequences that arise from our thought patterns. These thought patterns can hold us back or allow us to live free in our highest light. To rediscover yourself is to understand the depths of our connection to life and the Divine Plan of Perfection.

The Being One Center is offering this course with the great love and hope that you will be able to acknowledge the beauty, glory, and radiant joy inherent within your souls.  We want to remind you how to unlock your inner sanctum so you can carry the resplendent Divine light everywhere you go.  Our mission is to unite the world in a Divine Oneness of Love.

There is a $140 fee for this course.
Payment plans or equal energy exchange can be arranged for this course please contact Ileana at (267)981-1203

All proceeds are utilized to provide course materials & overhead costs,
we are currently saving funds to secure our 501c3 Non-Profit status as well as to purchase our own land and  building