titleBeing One Programs and Events

The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing tirelessly works to bring you a full calendar of events each and every month for your spiritual upliftment and healing. We strive to bring an eclectic assortment of speakers, teachers, and facilitators to present a well rounded perspective on all things spiritual.

At the present time all of the Being One Center’s staff members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their work organizing, maintaining, and facilitating, the many classes and workshops we offer. In fact many of them generously offer their own money to help cover the costs of maintaining the facility and materials for the events.  While this is a labor of love and a passion for us tending to the needs of the community is a full time job and it is for this reason donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Many of our programs are Free such as our Thursday Night Events, Evening of Energy Healing, First Friday Psychic Readings, and Sunday Services.   The majority of our events are offered for a suggested donation which helps to support the continuing growth and mission of the center.  There are some events that are a fixed price because they are offered by guest speakers.

We believe Spirituality should be accessible to everyone no matter their income level. We understand it can be difficult to make ends meet so we are always willing to privately work with individuals that can not afford our classes or workshops. From time to time we have made scholarships available for classes. However most frequently we offer an equal energy exchange of volunteer service.

Below you will Find a brief Description of a few of our regular events however the most up to date information on all of our events can be found on our Meetup Page.

Sunday Services:

Every Sunday at 10:30 am we offer a bi-lingual (Spanish English) metaphysical spiritual service.  Often times there are channeled messages from Angels and other High-Vibrational Light Beings. To learn more visit our Sunday Service Page.

Thursday Night Meetups:

The Being One Center started by offering Free Talks every Thursday Night. We continue this tradition to this day. Each Thursday we bring in a guest speaker to talk about their latest book or their perspectives on spirituality.  We also invite teachers to provide introductory lessons to spark interest in their up coming classes and workshops hosted at the center.

This is a night of great variety and the only way to find out what to expect is to visit our meetup page that offers a full and in depth look at each event.

First Thursday Healing Gallery:

On the First Thursday of every month we offer a unique opportunity to experience an assortment of Alternative Healing Modalities. While most healing modalities offered are Energetic we from time to time have people offering hands on treatments including, reflexology and other forms of massage. New and experienced practitioners are always invited to offer their services. To learn more visit First Thursday Healing.

First Friday Psychic Gallery:

The First Friday Psychic Gallery is broken down into two parts. The first half consists of free 15 minute mini-readings offered by our wonderful volunteers.  Each volunteer specializes in a variety of Intuitive arts; sharing their psychic, mediumistic, or channeling abilities to help guide you through life’s ups and downs. They are able to use their special gifts to provide a unique and new perspective on any situation helping you to find your path.

The second portion of the evening is our signature 2-hour psychic platform event. There is a $20 ticket price for this event which includes the opportunity to be read in a group session with our in house channeler Leslie. Leslie has the special ability to speak directly with your spiritual guides allowing her to transmit a message from them directly to you! If you are interested in learning more visit the Psychic Gallery Page.

Mesa Blanca: The White Table Healing Experience:

Mesa Blanca is a traditional form of shamanic healing that takes place at the Being One Center on the third Friday of every month.  With the assistance of several healers, and intuitive artists along with their Spiritual Guides, and ArchAngels, the mesa is our most unique and powerfully transformative experience that is offered on a regular basis.  To learn more about what to expect when you attend please visit the Mesa Blanca Page.