titleSpiritual Studies

Being One Center  offers a variety of Spiritual Enhancement services to help guide you to find your own inner light.  As a non-denominational organization we do not seek to convert or change your current faith we only wish to help you become more established in your own Truth whatever form that may take.  As an organization that looks to nurture the whole person in a holistic fashion we believe that a healthy spiritual life is just as important as having a healthy body and mind.

In an effort to help you find your own path we offer a wide variety of FREE classes including Traditional Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama (breathing techniques). Ashtanga means Eight Limbs and is based on the “Yoga Sutras” of the great Indian Sage Patanjali. Every Class is divided in to three distinct parts (pranayama, asana, and meditation) which help to nurture the mind, body, soul connection.


Open Spiritual Discussions

We also host an open spiritual discussion group for people to speak candidly in an inviting and loving group setting about the triumphs and tribulations of their lives. This is a safe place where anyone that wishes to seek guidance and direction can come and feel confident that they will be supported and encouraged.  We strive to create an open and inviting environment for all people to come and explore their spirituality.

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spiritismSpiritism and Spiritual Classes

The Being Once Center is committed to spreading the Universal Law of Love through non-denominational spiritual classes.  Our classes are more concerned with helping you to connect to your own spiritual truths through a variety of classes, workshops and services.

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Spiritual Counseling:

For individuals and families that wish to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives we offer one on one counseling.  These services are often provided for free or at minimal cost to the recipient so that they maybe accessible to all people seeking to better themselves.

We employ several professionally trained counselors with backgrounds in psychology, life coaching, various religious studies,  as well as more esoteric forms of counseling based on psychic mediumship.

If you would like to schedule a session please visit our Contact Form and send us an email with your contact information and a brief description of the type of guidance you are seeking.