Foundations of Yoga

A One Day Retreat

February 28, 2015


Yoga seems to be everywhere in our culture these days. We hear people talking about Gurus of this and Gurus of that, Hot Yoga, Chakras, Kundilini, and even Yogi Teas. How many times have you seen the stereotypes of the granola eating California hippies talking about their massively rad three hour session? Yoga has become so ubiquitous in pop culture yet it is rarely shown in its true Golden Light. Did you know at its core Yoga is more than just a form of exercises? In fact it is an ancient Science of God Realization, the threads of which can be found in every religious and spiritual tradition throughout the world.

In order to dispel some of the rumors The Being One Center would like to cordially invite you to The Foundations of Yoga One Day Retreat! This is the perfect opportunity for you to not only gain a deeper understanding of Yoga but to unplug from the hectic day to day modern life we are all living. This retreat is a monthly moment to De-stress, Refresh and Rejuvenate yourself! Come and totally immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, meditation and light fasting.

Our resident Yoga Instructor Dennis (Maruti) will cover various practices including Asana (stretching), Pranayama (breathing), Meditations and Shatkarmas (cleansing techniques). Just in case you may be thinking “I could never do yoga I am not flexible.” Maruti offers his personal view of what a yoga practice should be:

“Yoga is a spiritual system that is designed to help you achieve states of inner peace and tranquility. The asanas or stretching are but a small aspect of a much larger system. I believe that it does not matter how flexible you are. Yoga is about learning to work with your body not against it.”

We will open the doors at 9:30 am on Saturday and begin at 10:00 by creating a sacred space. Inspired by the Bhakati Yoga Tradition we are asking all of the participants to bring something sacred or special to be placed on the community alter for the day. You can bring crystals, statues, photos of teachers or loved ones. (Do not be limited by this list these are just a few suggestions.) Later in the day there will be doing a Meditation for Loving Kindness and Universal healing. If you wish to bring items or photos related to those in your life that are in need of healing these too will be placed upon the alter.

The center will provide a Green Smoothie for lunch as well as a light snack. We strongly recommend for anyone choosing not to fast for this event to consume a light healthy meal before attending and bring any additional food or beverages you may require.

Please feel free to bring your own yoga mat, if you do not have one we have several we are able to lend out. There are a few other items that may help to make your day more comfortable. The items provided in the following should be considered a rough guide, feel free to expand or adapt it as you see fit.

Loose comfortable Clothing, light blanket or Shawl, ear plugs, pillows, meditation cushions or carpets, a note book and pen. In order to cut down on waste Extra Eco Points will be awarded to anyone that brings along their own cup (for their smoothie), and water bottle.

We will Conclude the Retreat at 5:00 pm with a discussion of our experience. If you have any questions please contact Ileana at (267)981-1203 or send us a message via the website www.BeingOneCenter.org


There is a $25 fee for this retreat.
Payment plans or equal energy exchange can be arranged for this course please contact Ileana at (267)981-1203

All proceeds are utilized to provide course materials & overhead costs,
we are currently saving funds to secure our 501c3 Non-Profit status as well as to purchase our own land and building