The Being One Center runs entirely on monthly memberships and community supported donations.  As a spiritual organization we strive to keep costs to a minimum to make each and every event accessible for all those that wish to attend. Your support is absolutely vital to sustaining the work that we do.  In the summer of 2015 we incorporated with the state of Pennsylvania as a Non-Profit organization and at present time our application status for Federal 501(c)3 tax exempt status is pending.


We Currently have Four Fabulous ways you can help support your center!

Become a Member

Membership is the best and most reliable way to show your support. Each and every Membership is so absolutely vital to the ongoing operations of the center! In fact our members are truly the ones that sustain our daily operations month after month. When you follow the link to our membership page you will be able to sign up for automatic billing each month. If you prefer to make a payment schedule and pay in person please contact us via Email or talk to Ileana or Dennis in person the next time you visit the center .

Donate Money

Throughout The Center we have placed donation boxes where you can leave your love offerings at anytime. We accept both cash and checks made payable to “Being One Center”. If you prefer to donate online with a credit card or establish a reoccurring gift to the center you can do so by visiting our Donation Page.


We understand that it can be difficult at times to contribute financially.  Donations of your time and energy are just as valuable! In the east there is a word known as Seva which can be translated as “Selfless Service” In the holy scriptures it talks about Seva as a path to liberation and enlightenment. If you are interested in volunteering your time please visit our Volunteer Page and fill out the form so we can best utilize your gifts and talents.

Shop on Amazon

By following our affiliate link to shop on we will sometimes earn a  very small commission for many items that you purchase (amazon has very a very finicky algorithm for determining eligible purchases, BUT EVERY BIT HELPS!) .  The best part is, there is no additional cost to you. So you can buy all of the items you would normally purchase while helping out your favorite spiritual center.