titleAncestral DNA Healing

A Full Moon Meditation

Did you know that the veil between the living and the dead grows thin once a month during the full moon, making this the perfect and most magical time for Divination, Spirit Contact and Karmic Healing? The Full Moon provides a great opportunity to add additional power and depth to your Spiritual Practice and Meditations. It is a time to obtain knowledge of the hidden and cellular healing.

We invite you to join us as we honor our Mothers and Fathers, as well as our ancestors during this auspicious Full Moon Healing Meditation. The first thing we must understand about karma is that it operates individually as well as in ever-enlarging circles.  These circles can be considered Group Karma. This is the sum karma of multiple souls encompassing our family, communities, nations, racial groups, and our planet as a whole.

Within families there is a Karmic Inheritance that is handed down from generation to generation within the genetic blueprint of our DNA. It is believed that Souls carefully select a specific family lineage according to their DNA and Karmic Blueprint.  This lineage is chosen to provide a tremendous amount of opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.  If we as souls are able to Break Free from the limiting Karmic Patterns of the past it allows our Ancestors to Break Free from their bonds as well.

We share our Karmic Bond seven generations into the past and seven generations into the future. When we work consciously Healing the Karma of the past we are able to Improve many of the conditions and thought patterns in our own lives and for generations to come.

Every generation must carry forward the Evolutionary trajectory of our ancestral heritage.  It becomes our duty to make the best use of our Ancestral Blessings as we look to the future while Dissolving the Karma of the past.

This Powerful Guided Meditation will give you the Keys you need to Unlock your Inherent Divinity allowing you to Heal your Family Karma, Liberate Your Soul, and Live your Highest Purpose!