Support the Being One Center by becoming a Member


Choosing a Membership is one of the best ways to show your support for the Being One Center Commintiy. Our Membership is essentially a committed donation plan that gives us the ability to plan our monthly budget so that we may continue to deliver the quality services that you have come to expect from us! As a not for profit organization all the money we receive goes directly back into our community.  In exchange for your vital contribution we open up the majority of our in-house classes and events to you at no additional cost.  (We unfortunately at this time can not extend the membership benefits to workshops provided by outside presenters.)

When you commit to the community with a membership you will receive access to all of our In-House Programs. Some of these programs and classes include Spirits Speak an Evening with Your Spirit Guides ($20), Introduction to Metaphysics I ($75), II ($75), III ($75), Spiritism 101 ($300) and 102 ($300), Monthly Mesa Blancas ($10), Spiritism and Mental Wellness ($245), Ascended Master Channelings ($25), Group Hypnosis and Regression Classes ($15-$25), Reiki I($120) and II($250) training and certification, Psychic and Intuitive Development Classes ($160), and much much more. We have a constantly evolving set of classes and workshops that our in-house staff offer.

The best way to become a member is by signing up with our PayPal link below. By paying with a credit card you not only save us valuable time in administration that we can better spend on our other projects you save yourself some time as well because it will automatically bill you each month.


If you choose to pay us directly with cash or check  payments must be received by the  10th of each month with an accompanying membership payment slip which is available in the office.  If cash and check payments are not received by the 10th it could render you ineligible to attend up coming classes as a member.  To ensure an equal energy exchange we ask that you commit to at least a three month membership.