Introduction To Spiritism

The Science and Philosophy Behind Mesa Blanca




This course is centered on Allan Kardec’s first two books; The Spirit’s Book and The Medium’s Book. These two books deal with life in Spirit, and the evolution of the soul. With careful attention to hands on practice and and a thorough study of the course material these books act as a step by step guide for the development of mediumistic abilities and performance of mediumship services. As the book states: We are ALL MEDIUMS!

Spiritism is a science and a philosophy that studies the existence and nature of spirits. It paints a vivid portrait of the evolutionary journey a soul embarks upon from the time of its creation to its final merging with The Divine Source.

As a natural consequence of examining this philosophy one discovers the roll Spirit plays in our own spiritual evolution, which is ultimately achieved through the efforts we make to expand our spiritual, moral and intellectual consciousness. By understanding the natural laws that govern our lives we can begin to understand life and the lessons it teaches us. This leads to the ability to love in the highest sense of the word.

The Spirit’s Books and The Medium’s Book will be covered simultaneously with hands on practical exercises that will aid in mastering the various techniques contained within the books over the course of 20 weeks.

Below You will find a tentative outline for the course:

Weeks 1 thru 17: Discussion of assigned chapters, questions and answers, as well as hands on practice when it’s called for.

Weeks 18 and 19: In house Private “Mesa Blanca” services to practice the skills developed in the course.

Week 20: Students will be able to participate in a “Mesa Blanca” service that is open to the Public.


Course Requirements:

This is an intense course and it is not intended for a person just seeking entertainment.

This course is open to people of any Spiritual Level or Religious background.

Only committed seekers may sign up to this class. The group will be a small group in order to focus and maintain the group’s energy. You must be able to commit to attending and participate in all 12 classes (exceptions will be made in the case of emergencies).

To be successful in the course it takes a willingness to learn and the respect for the spiritual development you will obtain.

Once you sign up to the class remember to sign up to all 12 classes on the meetups page.


You may purchase these books through us or on your own but please make sure you have these versions for the class:

  • The Spirit’s Book by Allan Kardec and Translated by Anna Blackwell
  • Medium’s Book by Allan Kardec, Third Edition and Translated by Darrel W. Kimble with Marcia M. Saiz.

Bring a notebook, pencil/pen to take notes. You may also bring a recorder.

the fee for this course is yet to be determined

This Class Will be Offered in March please check back soon to access the application